Sunday, August 4, 2013

Build a LT3582 12 DC 5V to 12V DC Converter

Using LT3582-12 dual channel DC DC converter integrated circuit, manufactured by Linear Technology, can be designed a very simple step up dc converter. This 5 to 12V c converter electronic project provide both positive and negative outputs required in many biasing applications such as active matrix OLED (organic light-emitting diode)displays as well as CCD (charge coupled device) applications.

Build a LT3582-12 DC 5V to 12V DC Converter

The LT3582 offer an I2C interface that can dynamically program output voltages, power sequencing and output voltage ramps as the application requires. The LT3582’s positive output voltage can be set between 3.2V and 12.775 in 25mV steps, whereas the negative output can be set between -1.2V and -13.95V in 50mV steps. The LT3582-12 is preconfigured with ±12V output, requiring no future programming.