Sunday, December 22, 2013

Simple Video Amplifier

The video amplifier in the diagram is a well-known design. Simple, yet very useful, were it not for the ease with which the transistors can be damaged if the potentiometers (black level and signal amplitude) are in their extreme position. Fortunately, this can be obviated by the addition of two resistors.

Circuit diagram :

Simple Video Amplifier-Circuit Diagram Simple Video Amplifier Circuit Diagram


If in the diagram R 3 and R 4 were direct connections, as in the original design, and P 1 were fully clockwise and P 2 fully anticlockwise, such a large base current would flow through T 1 that this transistor would give up the ghost. Moreover, with the wiper of P 2 at earth level, the base current of T 2 would be dangerously high. Resistors R 3 and R 4 are sufficient protection against such mishaps, since they limit the base currents to a level of not more than 5 mA.

Shunt capacitor C 4 prevents R 4 having an adverse effect on the amplification.