Thursday, January 9, 2014

The technology development of cell phone jammer has been finished

The technology development of cell phone jammer has been finished.
This mainly refers to the use of 25 ~ 100 W-class CO2 laser to X-Y table system-based laser processing machine models, but also the use of Nd YAG laser and galvanometer integrated machining. It can be carved, including engraving, cutting, engraving, embroidery and cutting. This has a variety of laser processing machine, the price is low, wide use, the characteristics of suitable conditions, the annual output of 6,000 units, which can be used in seals, flexible plates, gifts, advertising, printing cards, crafts and industrial non-metallic products, and on the horn, glass, plastic, rubber, wood products, plastics, fabrics, leather and other materials for laser processing. Because of this processing machine with computer typesetting, self-control, non-contact processing, fast (other than manual processing methods or faster), high intelligence, and other unique advantages of easy operation, it accounted for the majority of the domestic market and exported to Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and Africa, popular with users. The technology development of cell phone jammer will enhance the quality of cell phone jammer .
Production of X-Y table models, high-profile companies in Zhejiang Boye Laser, Guangdong Yue Ming Wuhan Golden Laser Laser and other companies, the rapid rise of the formation of a laser processing machine of this type of production patterns. Currently Boye laser has been built 35000m2 plant, Golden Laser built a 10 000 m2 factory, Yueming laser not only further expand the production capacity of origin, established a branch in Shanghai. In addition to carving this type of flexible rubber, bamboo, it can also be laser-cut clothing, leather, embroidery and other processing products of these enterprises to upgrade and promote the market development. The technology development will improve the manufacturing quantity of cell phone jammer everyday.
These enterprises now will be feeding and rewinding, raw vacuum adsorption, automatic camera positioning, double cropping and other techniques to be applied gradually, the laser processing equipment can be integrated into automated garment production line operations, the product of intelligent upgrade. It is worth mentioning that the rapid development of laser engraving machine is one of the products, it is in the glass by laser-induced formation of burst point of the body composition of white three-dimensional laser light scattering images, this technology has recently made further development. Unit has developed a domestic color laser technology have played in the vitreous body red, orange, yellow, blue, purple and other color patterns, and soon the product will be put on the market, it will add luster to laser products. The technology improvement of cell phone jammer will increase the manufacturing ability of cell phone jammer .
Remanufacturing is the product life cycle theory as a guide for engineering practice. Equipment, feasibility studies, design, manufacture, use, maintenance and recovery of all costs are known as life-cycle cost, the traditional emphasis on the equipment, only the "first half", (this period only 20% to 40% of the cost), and often overlooked, "later life", that the use, maintenance and end of life costs.