Saturday, April 6, 2013

12V Stroboscope Circuit

Usually many stoboscope circuit work directly from mains voltage, but this circuit uses 12V DC instead on mains AC. The circuit has some special functions compared to other stroboscope circuits found electronics books. First the there is a switch for selecting the flash power: with C3 you can get very fast flash rates (over 50 Hz), C2 is most suitable for normal operation and using C1 directly you get very bright single flashes. This is the figure of the circuit;

The stoboscope tube needs about 250-400V DC to operate. This high voltage is generated using simple voltage step up circuit built from transistors Q1,Q2 and transformer T1. This circuit gives out about 230V AC voltage which is then rectified with rectifying bridge U1 (must have at least 400V voltage rating) and stored to the main capacitor C1. This approach gave me nice flash tube with reflector, trigger transformer and some of the capacitors (for example C1). Other parts were the one luying around.