Tuesday, April 9, 2013

High CMR Isolation Amplifier Circuit

transients that are generated by the switching of the inverter transistors. Here’s the figure of the design circuit;

Developed as a compact low-cost solution for just this type of design problem, the HCPL-7800 High CMR Isolation Amplifier allows designers to sense current in extremely noisy environments while maintaining excellent gain and off set accuracy. It exhibits outstanding stability over both time and temperature, as well as unequaled common-mode transient noise rejection (CMR). To achieve such a high level of performance, the HCPL) analog-to-digital converter (-7800 combines several different technologies, including a state-of-the-art sigma-delta (ADCm standard-cell), chopper-stabilized internal amplifiers, a fully differential circuit topology fabricated on a 1  CMOS process, an edge-triggered level-sensitive data encoder/decoder circuit, a high-efficiency, high-speed AlGaAs LED, an advanced photo-detector noise shield, and an efficient “light-pipe” packaging technology. The HCPL-7800 is available in a small 8-pin DIP package, making it the world’s smallest isolation amplifier.